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Licensed Acupuncturist (Maryland)

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qigong/Tai Chi Master

Song Ho Health Center Founder/Director:

Nianzu Li is classically trained in all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and qigong therapy and has been in practice for 41 years. Li is fortunate to have learned the old way, directly from a master. His mentor is the distinguished Dr. Yangzhong Shang of the Shang lineage, Imperial Family physicians. As sole apprentice, Li maintained a close collaboration with Dr. Shang in Beijing from 1967 to 1980.

“The art of Chinese Medicine is its ability to discern the cause of disease, but you can’t just tend to a person’s symptoms. Symptoms are neither individual nor isolated. They came from a root and developed like branches of a tree. My interest is in locating and treating that root.”

Mr. Li has created a number of healing approaches and techniques that uncover and treat the root, or foundation of a person’s imbalances. He is also widely recognized in the D.C area as a leading teacher of China’s traditional healing exercises, tai chi and qigong, which make up an important self-healing branch of Chinese medicine.

“Sickness is a loss of balance in the person’s energy system. Human energy pathways are similar to a highway system, and our energy (chi) is like the flow of traffic. Traffic congestion interferes with the transportation of blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses. You have to keep traffic moving. Bringing balance to the patient just means restoring this natural flow of life energy.”

Li sees many kinds of patients with every kind of problem. He specializes in treating:
* all types of pain:
* back, neck, joint, muscle, bone spur
* tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder
* arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism
* headache
* undetermined internal pain
* skin disease
* vision problems
* immune system disorders, including chronic fatigue and lupus
* disorders, infertility, difficult pregnancy
* allergies and digestive disturbances
* addictions, depression, fatigue
* asthma and other respiratory ailments
* acute conditions: severe cold, rash, flu, respiratory infection, and sports injuries

“ When we locate and open up a congested, or blocked, area, we get really good results, even in serious cases. My specialty is finding those hidden blockages.”

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