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Greetings from Song Ho Health Center

We are happy to announce a new class with Nianzu Li, starting Tuesday, May 28. The roots of Song Ho teachings reach back in time to the age of Taoism, elucidated in the 5,000-word classic: Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tzu.

Our name, Song Ho, unites two important symbols from this nature philosophy. SONG is the pine tree, ever green, resilient, enduring. HO is the crane, a beautiful, peaceful, graceful bird. Nianzu Li (founder of the center) translates Song Ho simply as: ”living well, living longer.“

Li has consistently moved his teaching toward less complexity to make it easier for modern students to grasp the fundamentals of qigong, a self-healing system that is part of Chinese medicine.

Song Ho Signature Teachings:



Mother Nature Qigong consists of simple movements to catch the energy of Mother Nature and to increase the power of your hands. Using hands for healing, like holding a hand over a tummy that hurts, is as humanly natural as it gets. One of the first benefits of qigong training is to greatly increase the power (qi) of your hands. If you have cold hands and cold feet, you will notice that regular qigong practice reverses this condition. Subtle stretching, mental guidance of the qi and gentle movement bring this about.

Nianzu created and taught Self-Healing Qigong, the second component of this 10-week course, many years ago and produced a video of it, part of which you can see here:


This course helps you learn the basics for increasing and regulating the flow of energy needed for life. You will learn the key acu-points on the body to open the channels of qi flow. As the flow increases, you can absorb more energy from nature as well as emit energy, via your hands, to areas of the body in need of extra attention.

You can feel qi easily! The qi field you create through your practice is strong and penetrating. Your personal qi field is within the body and surrounds the physical body. A field that is thick and resilient is protective. We call this “a strong immune system.”

This foundation class is highly recommended for all patients—you will enhance whatever therapy you are currently receiving. If you have an interest in self-empowerment in health maintenance, look no further! Along with the exercises, you get a dose of Master Li’s fascinating insights from Chinese medicine.

Lastly, Master Li wants to share his view that all qigong develops The Three Powers: MIND Power, SLOW Power, and BREATHING Power.

Of these, he says, the key power is SLOW power. And I agree! With correct training and regular practice, you will discover this amazing key to a quiet, peaceful mind and a deeper, nourishing breath. Qigong is meditation with movement.

Class day and time: Tuesdays, 7-8 p.m. Dates: May 28 through July 30 (10-week course) Location: Christ Congregational Church, 9525 Colesville Road, First Floor Meeting Room, Silver Spring, MD 20901 Fee: $195 ($180 with summer discount when you register by May 23) Single class fee: $23 (Please notify us in advance of your first time.)

Join us for the Qigong Adventure! Sign up for the course today and by the end of Song Ho office hours on May 24 and enjoy a summer special discount: $15 off the fee. Song Ho office manager Wei Xia will take care of your registration by check or credit card. Call 301-625-4801 today! Make it happen and don’t be late!

Thank you for reading. Take care. Go out in Nature, even when it rains. Hug a tree. You will enjoy the energy of spring and rebirth!

Peggy Li

Song Ho Health Center • 805 Winhall Way • Silver Spring, MD 20904 • songho.net • 301-625-4801

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