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Spring Greetings

from Song Ho Health Center

Qigong Master Nianzu Li starts another six-week course in his Nature Qigong series on Tuesday, April 2.

He will review the very simple Sun Qigong taught in the winter class and add Moon Qigong for balance. Students of all levels, including beginners, are welcome to attend.

After a long winter in relative quiet, Nature is getting dressed in her spring clothes, reminding us to pay attention and wake up to the life that is stirring. Spring is the season of exuberance. We can catch that energy wave by taking walks, and doing simple breathing exercises in the fresh air soon after awakening.

Absorbing natural energy is a basic qigong principle. Exercising outdoors and even near an open window or door for fresh air makes a difference since Nature is the source of life. Qigong’s purpose is to support the life force of the physical body and our life path on earth. Qigong assists us in absorbing the yang and yin elements from heaven (sun, the cosmos, air, atmosphere) and the earth (soil, water, plants). We are made of nature’s yang and yin elements. We are part of her.

Wherever and whenever we practice the gentle art of qigong, which opens our energy pathways, we are blending these basic elements within our body, mind, spirit and energy field. Qigong is a primal, intimate dance with Nature.

In qigong theory, man is likened to a tree standing peacefully in the woods, absorbing heavenly and earthly forces. The tree does not try to gather warmth, light, moisture and nutrients. It simply stands erect—an important image for us to internalize—in peace and stillness, doing its job: growth. We are growing and changing, too.

The Thursday morning class, taught by Peggy Li, in Lang Ye 12-Posture Qigong, a sitting exercise from the sacred Lang Ye Mountains of China, is at the halfway mark. The end date is May 2. Summer classes will be announced next month.

In the meantime, consider joining Nianzu’s class on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 p.m., starting April 2. The cost of the course is $117. If you are a first-timer with us, know that your first class with us is free. That way you can see if the class and the Song Ho way is your cup of tea. We would love to meet you.

Classes are held at Christ Congregational Church, 9525 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901.

Contact Wei Xia at the Song Ho office to register: 301-625-4801. We suggest that you do not postpone registering. Advance class information is sent to you upon sign-up.

Be well and take care!

Peggy Li


TuNa refers to Daoist (Taoist) breathing practices. Master Li calls TuNa “high level breathing, breathing with the mind. When we breathe with concentration, with awareness, we cultivate a high level power.” The great religions have used breathing (or chanting, one style of breath cultivation) to increase one’s vibratory rate and thus raise one’s consciousness. Tu means “out.” Na means “in.” Li emphasizes deep belly breathing in this short, six-week course.

Dao-In means guiding the energy and blood to circulate freely, using mind, breathing, movement, sound and so on. Dao-In exercises are gentle, mindful, deeply relaxing and easily learned. The practices lead to a thickening and expansion of your energy field, creating a protective shield against negative influences and energies. According to Li, when your field is strong, “nothing can bother you.” Dao-In movements are the simplest exercises Master Li has ever taught. They draw upon a center of power in your belly that he calls “your energy engine.” Activating this engine with Dao-In is boosts the TuNa breathing power.

The ways of breath enhancement and qi activation are cultivated through this training and, importantly, can evolve into healthy new habits for normal, daily activity. The result is more energy and ease in living. Master Li believes you will quickly discover the “private doctor” who lives within. All the doctor needs is your focused attention to come to life.

Sun Qigong’s special focus is to connect the practitioner to that supreme positive energy that makes all life on earth possible—the sun. In human life, solar power correlates with vitality, warmth, strength, heart-energy, maturity and joyfulness.

In creating Moon Qigong, Master Li took inspiration from an old Chinese story about a fair lady who flies to the moon. This yin-enhancing exercise complements Sun Qigong to create a whole system for balancing our essential yin/yang natures. Sunlight Qigong boosts the warm, active, and bright energy of our nature, while Moonlight Qigong enhances our quiet, gentle, and peaceful side. We need to actively support both yin and yang to have balance in our life—in fact, to enjoy our life.

Nianzu Li, now a practitioner for 50 years, created and perfected Sun and Moon Qigong over a long period. Some of the benefits experienced by our students include: greatly enhanced T-cell counts, improvement in diabetic conditions and disappearance of external growths.

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:00 pm; April 2 – May 7 (six-week course) Fee: $117 Please register by March 30 to secure your place. Instructor: Master Nianzu Li


This sitting Taoist exercise is one of the center’s signature qigong styles, a series of twelve movements that improve flexibility, core strength, and body alignment. Chronic pains of the back, neck, and shoulders in particular yield to its potent postures, stretches, and special breathing techniques. Lang Ye Qigong acts as self-chiropractic techniques at the same time it balances the energy flow to the internal organs. As you become adept, you feel and see that a renewal is taking place.

Low energy, stiffness, aches and pains, poor sleep and negative emotions signal that one’s energy flow is blocked and deficient. When we do not find satisfactory answers, we might assume that such symptoms are inevitable as we age. However, faithful practitioners of qi exercise have proven otherwise. Lang Ye Qigong is a youth-enhancement practice with the side effects of joy and buoyancy. Note: Of the many qigong styles we have taught throughout the decades in America, this qigong has elicited more reports of relief from depressive states than any other qigong.

The various names of the exercises evoke the natural imagery typical of Taoist qigong, such as: Loosen the Pillar of Heaven (adjusts and lengthens spine), Black Turtle Wags Its Tail (strengthens kidney function and lower back), Red Bird Stretches Its Wings (opens chest and lungs and benefits heart), and White Tiger Springs from the Forest (clears lungs and sinuses). Master Li, with assistance from Peggy Li, translated the “secret words” from the original Chinese into English. They reveal the wisdom and depth contained in this ancient practice. The secret words will be included in class handouts.

Through his mentor, the distinguished Dr. Yangzhong Shang of Beijing, Nianzu Li is the direct heir to Lang Ye Qigong. The original form is done from a cross-legged position. We have easily adapted the twelve postures for chair-sitting; both styles are presented in class. Use the link below to view a portion of the original form we filmed near the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Keep in mind that all qigong is adapted to the practitioner’s ability, which changes over time.


One perhaps obvious advantage of Lang Ye Qigong is that you sit to exercise! At the end of a long day, how heartening is it to know you can sit down to a peaceful practice that is relaxing, energizing and life-enhancing? The practice requires approximately 20 minutes; you can practice any time of day. It energizes you in the morning and enhances deep sleep at day’s end.

As a complementary practice, students will enjoy learning a simple Qi Walking form that works outdoors or in a small space indoors. It can be your “Snackercise” (exercise in small bites). One minute—and even less—of a qi practice is all it takes to calm the mind, find inner peace and get your energy moving. You can manage this!

Thursdays, 10:30—11:30 am, February 7 - May 2 (with breaks); Fee: $195 Please call if you wish to join late.

Instructor: Peggy Li


Please mail a check with name, email address, and phone numbers to the center. Or call 301-625-4801 to charge the fee. BOTH classes are held at: Christ Congregational Church, 9525 Colesville Road, Silver Spring 20901. We thank you and greatly look forward to having you in our classes. First time student? Take a test run—your first (single) class is free of charge.


Master Nianzu Li began formal studies of China’s healing exercises in the 1970s and is heir to the practices of Lang Ye Mountain Taoist School through his mentor, Dr. Yangzhong Shang. Nianzu’s father, the late Professor John B.Y. Lee, was a student and close friend of renowned qigong master and martial artist Wang Xiangzhai. From this early exposure and extensive background as a practitioner of Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbal therapy) and qi exercise, Nianzu has evolved his own exercise style and creations.

Instructor Peggy Li has been a passionate student of Chinese medicine for 45 years. She has practiced Asian-style bodywork and energy medicine (as graduate of the Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Program). She first studied tai chi in 1985, meeting her principle qigong teacher Nianzu Li in 1987. Peggy has taught at the University of Maryland and other organizations since 1994. She has pursued professional-level training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (an “energy-psychology” approach to healing emotions), which she offers to clients at the center.

“Join us for great adventures in qi exercise!”

Song Ho Health Center • 805 Winhall Way • Silver Spring, MD 20904 • songho.net • 301-625-4801

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