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Song Ho Health Center’s Classes in


Spring 2018

Dear Friends, Clients and

Fellow Qi Workers,

An old Chinese saying goes:

The best time of day is morning. The best time of year is spring.

Each morning is a daily replica of spring, a waking up from the cool, dark night. Spring means the earth is waking up, too. With the increase of light, warmth and energy, we emerge from our relative hibernation (staying inside, sleeping more).

Ideally, a winter’s rest and more inward focus has nourished an inner quiet and given us a fresh perspective on the world. Feeling spring’s welling up of energy inspires us to create something new, something good for ourselves and for others.

We are entering the prime season for absorbing nature’s energies of rebirth. The sheer exuberance of spring is clear evidence of and invitation to new possibilities. We can work consciously and intentionally on our own revitalization. This is where qigong and tai chi shine. Virtually everyone can open this special door to support health, energy and life purpose.

Self-care and self-healing by directly engaging with natural energy is different than using other forms of energy, such as food, herbs, medicines and various therapeutic interventions. Connecting with nature though slow, gentle movement, inner quiet, sensitivity and receptivity take you straight to the source—pure vibrations.

Qi exercise is premier among mind-body disciplines. In our classes, we emphasize the power of breath, softness, inner focus and slow motion. Complexity is not required. Make the most of spring—join us in one of our scheduled weekday classes or the free Sunday morning qigong in the park.

Inviting you to take your power back, we are

Peggy & Nianzu Li

Qigong & Tai Chi Instructors


with Master Nianzu Li

1) Heaven & Earth Qigong—Its purpose is to better absorb nature’s energy. Based upon energy science, using concentration, simple, gentle movement and nature’s pure air, this simple qigong opens your inner energy channels. You can saturate yourself with energy and direct energy precisely to needy areas. You will feel good and experience a new lease on life.

2) Sunshine Qigong—A new edition of one of Master Li’s most beloved creations, developed as a way to connect to the ultimate energy of life—the sun! This is a safe practice (not sunbathing). You can practice this style year round to light up your life. Over a 10-year period, Li has refined and simplified Sunshine Qigong into a concentrated energy practice. Concentrated means: a lot of wellness is happening inside.

3) Energy Engine Qigong—Start your energy engine! You are programmed for energy creation. Your body knows how but ineeds your conscious cooperation. The way is simple. The way is joyful. Just follow the ancient laws of stillness within movement, concentration on core energy centers and aligning the body for the free qi flow.

Tuesdays 7:30—8:30 p.m., April 17—June 19; Fee: $185 by April 14. $200 after April 14 DVDs are available for home practice and will be available in class at additional cost.



with Peggy Li

Tai chi, the flowing, graceful, slow motion exercise, is among the most famous of China’s traditional disciplines. Numerous clinical studies have proven tai chi increases stability and significantly reduces falls among seniors. Avoiding frailty and instability at any age is crucial to health. The greater self-awareness and strength cultivated through tai chi practice leads to greater confidence and ease in daily activities.

One develops natural grace with beautiful posture, balance and coordination. Instruction will emphasize core principles by which we realize these fruits of practice. Lacking a foundation, movements become a poor imitation of the real thing. In this 10-week course, we will learn:

• How to lower your center of gravity, key to stability and fall prevention • The cause of and fix for “two left feet” (incoordination) • Classic circle exercises for flexibility, lightness and joint health • Individual tai chi movements suitable for “snackercise” (exercise in small bites) • Deceptively simple training techniques that naturally lead you to tai chi’s meditative aspect • Guidance on knee care and adjusting the practice to your personal fitness level • A ten-posture choreographed routine that elegantly integrates all the training methods

Thursdays, 10:30—11:30 a.m., April 19—June 21; Fee: $185 by April 17; $200 after April 17


Please mail a check with name, email address, and phone numbers to the center. Or call 301-625-4801 to charge the fee. NOTE: BOTH classes are held at this location: Christ Congregational Church, 9525 Colesville Road, Silver Spring 20901. We thank you and greatly look forward to having you in our classes.

The Instructors

Nianzu Li began formal studies of China’s healing exercises in the 1970s and is heir to the practices of Lang Ye Mountain Taoist School through his mentor, Dr. Yangzhong Shang. Nianzu’s father, the late Professor John B.Y. Lee, was a student and close friend of renowned qigong master and martial artist Wang Xiangzhai. From this early exposure and extensive background as a practitioner of Chinese medicine and qi exercise, Nianzu has evolved his own exercise style and creations, which he shares with clients and students. Li offers a free class every Sunday morning at a local park. Please see songho.net for details.

Peggy Li has been a passionate student of Chinese medicine for more 40 years. Formerly, she practiced Asian-style bodywork and energy medicine (after graduating from the Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Program). She discovered tai chi in 1985, meeting her principle qigong teacher Nianzu Li in 1987. She has taught at the University of Maryland and other organizations, including Song Ho Health Center, since 1994. She has taken professional-level training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (an “energy-psychology” approach to healing emotions), which she offers to clients at the center.

“Join us for great adventures in qi exercise!”

Song Ho Health Center • 805 Winhall Way • Silver Spring, MD 20904 • songho.net • 301-625-4801

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